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  • Clew 20 Pro line
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Clew 20 Pro Line





The universal Step-In binding 


Clew 20 is the binding that every riders dream of: a universal Step-in binding. The Clew 20 binding build in two parts: The base plate and the spoiler. The base plate is installed on your board as any other binding. The difference is that the spoiler is buildt as a stirrup.








A Step-in and Step-out simplified 

It has never be as simple to step in you binding. Step you heel on the wedge and strap your ankle. Step your toe in the toe strap, and clip your ankle in the base plate. Here you are, you are now ready to face the powder. To step-out, pull the red handle from the spoiler and release your heel from the base plate.


Clew 20 backside.png





Clew 20 strap





A made-in Germany binding, proof of quality

The Clew binding is made in Germany, with resistant but light weight materials allow a very small weight of 1,17Kg per binding while remains reactive thanks to her flex of 7/10.
















Clew 20 : Accessories  

CLew 20 binding comes withe two fixation discs 2x4/4x4/ICS Channel. A spare disc comptatible with 3D can be order separately. The bindings will be delivered with a set of 8 screws and washers, and a leash.





Clew 20 disks.png

Clew 20 Pro line

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